A GreenPeace Balloon visitor

Once or twice a year we are fortunate to host our ballooning friends from GreenPeace International while they are in Northern California to perform annual inspections on their unique hot air balloons and airship. Whenever they visit we invite them to join us for a morning balloon flight over our beautiful Sonoma Valley. It is a unique opportunity to see a Hot Air Ship up close and in person, since there are relatively flew of these specialized aircraft flying anywhere in the world. GreenPeace takes these balloons to many international locations to promote ecological priorities. Their Air Ship in particular is specially designed to host banners created to display different messages to those who are viewing from the ground. One of the smaller balloons is shaped and colored to look like our Mother Earth. These highly experienced pilots travel from as far away as Colorado and Great Britain, and are very excited for the opportunity to fly in Sonoma, so we are delighted to be able to share our beautiful views.