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Hot air balloons are unique from all other forms of flight because there is no physical sensation of movement or perception of wind. You are traveling with the gentle air currents that layer the sky. In contrast to standing on a building or structure, there is no fear of height, because your eyes have no linear perspective to judge distance from the ground. Balloons usually travel at heights of 500 to 1500 feet, similar to the surrounding hill tops. The feeling is one of peace and tranquility as the earth seems to slowly descend and rotate below you.

Just Imagine:

Your colorful balloon, floating serenely, above the most beautiful place on earth, the Napa & Sonoma Wine Country. Your Nature Walk in the Sky will begin just after dawn. As your hot air balloon ride sails gently along the wind’s highway, spectacular views will delight you. Among the surprises: the Pacific Coast, San Francisco’s Skyline, Redwood Forests, Geyser Mountains, the graceful Russian River and lush rolling vineyards. As your gentle giant dances it’s way back to earth, celebrate your high spirited ballooning adventure with our Scrumptious Champagne Brunch, served in a quaint cafe.

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You are welcome to participate “hands on” with the set-up inflation and deflation of your hot air balloon. Our uniformed balloon pilots, averaging 35 years experience, are all FAA certified flight instructors and are considered to be the most qualified professionals in this region. Our fleet is safest luxury aircraft available in the world today, featuring secure, high sided, separated passenger compartments,designed to comfortably hold no more than 2 to 5 people with added stability and excellent, unobstructed views. Private Parties can also be accommodated in any one of our aircraft which are designed to carry a total of only 2 or 8-10 or even up to 16+ passengers. These larger baskets allow the balloon pilot to operate from a separate compartment along with the fuel system, providing much less interference with passenger comfort.