Flight Pricing

Reserved Flight

( Per Passenger | Flexible)
$ 275
  • Booking must be completed at least 12 hours prior to meeting time.
  • Credit cards are pre-authorized and will only be charged once flight is complete or in the event your party does not show up for any reason.
  • Includes all transportation fees and taxes. Gratuities not included.

Flight Certificate

( Per Passenger | Pre-Paid )
$ 250
  • Must be booked 72 hours prior to meeting time. Non-Refundable.
  • Credit card charged at the time reservation is made. Flight Certificate locks in pricing for 1 year from booking. Can be extended with small fee.
  • Includes all transportation fees and taxes. Gratuities not included.

Private Flight

( 2-20 passengers )
$ 1500+
  • Suitable for any group - The only private flights available in Northern California.
  • Special Events: Team Building | Static Tethered Events | Weddings | Promotional Commercials | Photo Shoots | Gondola Rentals
  • Custom printed banners, photos, videos, specially designed cakes, and more!
Extra Services



Actual flight date can be booked separately.

A personalized Commemorative Flight Certificate can be presented to any recipient and transferred to another party.

Third Party Vouchers

Contact us before you purchase any third-party voucher online. There may be restrictions and additional charges.

Use of 3rd party vouchers requires a confirmed (pre-paid) booking at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled flight date.

Once a 3rd party voucher has been applied to the purchase of our Flight Certificate the same policy applies for
rescheduling, reinstatement and transfer to another party.

(This type of purchase may not be practical for those who live out of state or cannot reschedule conveniently)

Special Events

Team Building  |  Static Tethered Events  |   Weddings  |  Promotional Commercials  |  Photo Shoots  |  Gondola Rentals

We are very experienced with coordinating special events for either private or corporate occasions.
Check out our Events & Weddings and Balloon Marriage Proposal videos below:

Balloon Marriage Proposals

Events & Weddings

We’ve produced numerous photo and video shoots for internationally known corporations and celebrities.
Apple Computer, Citibank, Toyota, Warner Brothers Studios ,Gordon Ramsay and Dave Matthews – just to name a few.

Gordon Ramsay

Dave Matthews

This is an excellent environment for company promotions, off-site and team spirit building opportunities, or employee gifts ideas.
Our chief pilot is also a minister and can conduct wedding ceremonies, either inside a partially inflated balloon or once aloft.
The cost is an additional $75.
Shuttle services can be negotiated, based on distance and vehicle capacity.
Private, Exclusive Flights for You & Your Guests

  • 2-3 Passengers
  • 500 lbs. Max Passenger Weight

  • 4-6 Passengers
  • 1200 lbs. Max Passenger Weight

  • 8-10 Passengers
  • 1500 lbs. Max Passenger Weight

  • 10-12 Passengers
  • 2000 lbs. Max Passenger Weight

  • 16-20 Passengers
  • 3000 lbs. Max Passenger Weight


Depending on the physical location, and time of day, we can provide a static display or tether a hot air balloon to the ground, giving guests the opportunity to fly to 100’ height – repeating the process every 5-10 minutes so everyone can have a taste of balloon flight.

There would be a predetermined transportation and show up fee and the balloons involved would be charged on an hourly basis ranging from $1500 to $5500 per hour – one hour minimum.