The Experience

The morning process takes 3 to 4 hours with approximately 1 hour of flight time

You’ll receive a 'GoNoGo' confirmation text or call at least one hour before meeting time

We are fortunate to have an easy-to-find location to meet you with plenty of safe parking, a nearby fuel station, Starbucks and restrooms

Once you’ve arrived, your pilot chooses where to inflate based on the weather conditions observed that morning. Our shuttle will bring you to one of our primary launch locations, within 10 to 15 minute drive from the Kaffe Mocha meeting site

We'll inflate the balloons and you can participate in the process if you like. You will be assigned to an appropriate size balloon with your guests. A Private Balloon can also be reserved in advance

The balloon will drift with the wind currents until your pilot finds an appropriate place to land. We deflate the balloon and return you to the meeting site for a champagne toast

The Kaffe has a complete menu to choose from with affordable pricing

What to Expect:

The most optimal Balloon LAUNCH SITE is chosen by
the pilot each day, based on the most ideal conditions

Alexander Valley

Russian River Valley

Sonoma Valley